Crypto Currency Asset Development and Management

Your Trusted Source
to Financial Freedom

Our Mission is to provide investors a safe environment, a fair chance, and a trustworthy experience when investing in crypto currency.

Developing and Managing crypto currency projects, our experienced staff leads the way for investors to learn and experience the benefits crypto currency offers.

Our goal is to build a network of cryptopreneurs who can spread awareness to different groups by developing and managing projects that offer a safe and easy bridge. Together we can build the future.

Official Launch
88 Day Liquidity Lock Intervals

150,000,000 GRC Tokens @ 1,373381.335GRC / BNB

No Limit Buys

0.01 Min - No Max BNB

LP @ Launch91.31
88 Day Lock

8% Buy
8% Sell

Marketing 1/1


Liquidity 1/1


Rewards 6/6


50% Rewards

Seed Round


Private Round


PinkSale & Paired LP


50 % Vested

House Reserve


FreeRoll 300


Team & Expansion


Gold Rush Casino

Gold Rush Casino is the First 12% BUSD REWARDS, High Yield Passive Income Earning, “Play-to-Earn”, online Casino Game, on the BSC network. Offering 8% Buy & 8% Sell taxes.  Active Utility Function! Come test your luck and experience the first crypto game of its kind. Must Play Responsibly.

Over 22 Casino Style Games, a Multi-player Poker Room, and Tournaments. Play using Binance BUSD BEP 20 & BNB Smart Chain BEP 20, In and Out. The games Do Not use the native token, GRC. Check out our future metaverse, Home of GRC.

Diamond Hand Projects

The Pig & Da Wolf

All Cryptopreneur, “The Pig & Da Wolf”, vetted projects and affiliates are REAL. They have been rigorously tested using the “Cryptopreneur 8”. These 8 steps have proven effective when investing in cryptocurrency. They will not ensure over night success, but they will ensure avoiding the awful feeling of being taken advantage of. We believe in the future of cryptocurrency, and want investors to see the long road ahead. Our mission statement is clear, Join the team, together we can build the future.

Our Strategy

The Roadmap

2022 Q1

Form Executive, Administrative, & Development Teams

2022 Q2

Establish channels for Social Media, Telegram, & others

2022 Q3
Launch GRC

Finish up Utility, Establish Community, & Launch GRC

2022 Q4
Heavy Marketing Campaign

PulseCon 22' billboard & Sponsor, CMC & CG Listing, Big Press Release

2023 Q1

Launch GRC Founder & Agent Series NFT Collection

2023 Q2
International Partnerships & Expansion Plan

Merge International Partnership with Gaming Communities & expand onto additional CEX/DEX

2023 Q3
Introduce MYC

will have established a platform in the meta verse

2023 Q4
Launch MV Project 2023

Adapt GRC to Meta Verse

2024 Q1
Manage Active Projects

Will have established 2 active, healthy projects

2024 Q2

Stay Tuned !

2023 Q3
MV Partnerships Agreement

Introduce MV Partnership and Affiliation Deals

2023 Q4
Launch Projects for 2024

Launch Project 3 Stay Tuned !


Join Our Telegram

Satoshi Yamamoto, an Afternoon, and the World was never the same.

Until the Cryptopreneur 365 Movement, the space was filled with charlatans and snake charmers. We are a smarter and stronger breed of investor, we ran those guys out.

It is a Gift to the World of Crypto from The Truffle Pig of Crypto himself.

Yes, there is always a Risk, but the REWARDS are Great, 12% Paid in BUSD. Refer to the Cryptopreneur 8 and let us know. Thanks for Playing Responsibly.

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