Coin & Utility

Gold Rush Casino coin is the first high yield Passive Income project of its kind on the BSC network. The massive 12% Rewards, to holders, is paid in BUSD, and not the native token. The casino games “Play to Earn” Utility function does not play with GRC, instead uses BUSD to buy-in or cash-out. By design, you can take your BUSD Rewards and “Play to Earn” more BUSD or GRC. We have allotted a percentage of the supply, as seen in the tokenomics section, to aid in corrections, if needed, by use of a burn function. 

The Utility function provided by the game, serves as  a “Protector” to the project. By using its profits, the game regularly  purchases GRC coins in attempts to counteract  “Paper Hand” volatility. The natural rise and fall of the chart will occur, it’s intended and necessary in order to realize the 12% Rewards, the influx of profits from the game will balance out the greed of quick turn sellers and allow for Diamond Hand Holders to sit back and enjoy their passive income. The profits from the game will be used to buy GRC and be redistributed back into the project, thereby spurring the market cap. 

This symbiotic relationship between the game and the project will give rise to the longevity and sustainability of the project. The coins purchased by the game will be redistributed to players in the form of winnings from certain games. The fundamental design of the project intended to create a perpetual cycle of transactions, and withstand the test of time. We have considered every angle and have experienced the inevitable greed faced by all sellers, GRC is prepared and capable to combat all threats.   

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