Jerry Berb

Experience: Blockchain Technology

5 years experience in Crypto, started from the bottom and learned every costly lesson brick by brick. Kept at it and the Truffle Pig of Crypto was born. The Cryptopreneur 8 is a gift I give back to you. It was quickly apparent where my strengths would be best utilized, it was in bringing forth the best projects the space has seen. My past experiences transposed directly onto crypto and I stand by every project stamped by the Pig & Da Wolf

Personal Information:
Known as the Truffle Pig of Crypto, fully doxed, Founder, Owner, and CEO. Highly skilled and resourceful, expertise in business management and contract law. Refined and polished with over 25 years of quality experience in various business ventures spanning real estate, construction, contract litigation, and general entrepreneurship. Trusted and Integral, paramount responsibilities include seeing the Mission Statement through in every action we take.
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